Monday Musing – Sept. 25

September 25, 2017 0 Comments

Well, that was an eventful weekend in sports!! Let’s look back at a few things, why don’t we.

** Question to consider when it comes to what’s going on in the sports world today, especially the NFL: If you’re upset with protests in NFL, are you upset with what is being protested or how it’s being protested?

If it’s the latter, I get it because I’m torn by it, too, but understand it’s a person’s right to protest as they wish. But be respectful and do what many a good people want to say they live be – “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Because if you wish to peacefully protest something someday, I hope you’re treated well and respected.

** Kareem Hunt is the first NFL player with rushing touchdowns of 50+ yards in his first three games. Do we praise the offensive line in K.C. at all or does Hunt get all the credit? I’m serious because Hunt has been just that good. Maybe the Chiefs play with one less lineman next week and see how it goes!

** You HAVE to check this out. Jim Nantz voices Nick Faldo playing fun course in his own backyard.

** Oh, and is Faldo up there on the list of best color commentators in sports today?

** I’m more impressed with Jirehl Brock’s juke move early in the clip that went viral than the big hit later. Oh, and I’m still really impressed with the hit, too, so that says how much I love the juke!

** I was at 10th & Jackson on Friday and holy cow, QND and West Hancock fan bases do not like each other. I think it’s just built off football the past few years and hopefully each are civil if meet at the mall! Because nothing brings people together like Auntie Anne’s pretzels!

** Wait… Von Miller was penalized for the “too slow, fatso!” joke by pulling the hand back quick on helping someone up? Hahahaha. I truly hope he does the “pull my finger” line next week!

** Ken Burns has put together a masterful look at The Vietnam War on PBS. I highly recommend it as it’s really the first time I can recall a documentary looking at the Vietnamese side of the war – both North & South. To understand the entirety of a time, you must dissect every angle and Burns & Co. do it better than most in my opinion.

** From what I am gathering some Mizzou fans are saying Barry Odom is over his head coaching football in Columbia and others feel his approach will work in time. I do think he needs another year at least. You?

** Already giving you my World Series matchup — Houston vs. Washington.

** And Finally, if you’re still reading after the first paragraph, thanks. Here’s what Colin Kaepernick’s been up to — GIVING A LOT MONEY AND TIME TO ORGANIZATIONS.


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