Monday Musing – Sept. 11

September 11, 2017 0 Comments

Now THAT was a fun weekend! Not only was the weather beautiful but I got to spend my birthday watching Week 1 of the NFL season. Now that’s a jackpot.

** Welcome back, NFL… you never disappoint even if my favorite team does. Well, here we go!

  • The Bears defense will keep the team in games this year but the lack of weapons on offense will limit any true chances to win games. And sorry, but throwing Mitch Trubisky out there as a rookie will not help matters at all. Get through this season and draft a receiver next year and then start blending in the QB.
  • Speaking of QBs, Aaron Rodgers is the best in the league due to so many things but he is just so freaking cool under pressure it’s hard to knock him. I just like the guy. Plus, interesting take by ESPN’s Mina Kimes in this week’s magazine on him. He says a lot… but really says nothing. I just find it interesting.
  • Another great Watt is among us. Here comes T.J.
  • Next year’s NFL Draft is already set, by the way. Order will be: 1) 49ers, 2) Jets, 3) Colts…
  • Kenny Golladay? Wow, Lions.
  • Giants o-line is so bad… it gave up a sack while being introduced!
  • And Dallas is a lot different team with Ezekiel Elliott in there full time. Plus, I dare you today to explain the entire Elliott situation to someone who has zero clue concerning the NFL. It’s really difficult.

** Does Doug Flutie look a tad too tan and dare I say, oily, in this commercial?

** Movie Review: Logan Lucky (right) drops you in on a West Virginia family with bad luck trying to make some cash by deciding to rob a NASCAR race. Filled with tons of real-life drivers acting as cops, security guards and such, the film does provide a straight-forward approach on here it is so make of it what you will. Very little thrills. It’s built almost like Burn After Reading from the Coen Brothers. Has a slap-stick feel… but I’m not sure that’s the intention.

** Three HS Football thoughts:

  • Jirehl Brock DOES make that big of a difference.
  • Palmyra has found something and I think it’s consistency and improvement along both lines. The defense has allowed just over 11 ppg in four contests and that includes a season-high 20 points surrendered in Week 1 against Macon. A trip to Clark County this week may say a ton.
  • Prediction: Brown County and possibly Monroe City will be only undefeated teams remaining after Week 9.

** Peyton Manning is the best athlete-turned-actor of all-time even if he’s just playing himself all the time. His new DirecTV spots acting as a fantasy football commissioner are awesome.

** Damnation (here’s the trailer) looks awesome on USA Network starting in October.

** Brett Taylor & Quentin Moon will be fun to watch in person in three weeks when finally playing at Hansen Field. WIU’s defense is stopping everything so far.

** Sloane Stephens’s smile = Awesome.

** Best Hall of Fame speech I’ve heard in long time? Enter Rebecca Lobo and the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame (listen for the great line about Larry Bird by the way).

** How did I just realize I have a weird nose just now after 36 years?

** And Finally, the NL Central is a quagmire right now and I’m kind of enjoying it to tell you the truth. The young Cardinals have something going nobody can explain (eight innings, Michael Wacha???). The Brewers are now hurting in the rotation with Jimmy Nelson lost for the year. And can anybody figure out of the Cubs? The last 10 games of the season will… be… BONKERS.


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