Hooch’s NFL Power 8 (wk 3)

September 26, 2017 0 Comments

Only two perfect teams, yet I don’t even have one in top two! Let’s look at a new top eight teams.

1) Kansas City (3-0) second straight week — Through three weeks averaging third most points in the league at 31. Yet, I’ve been more impressed with the defense as it sits seventh in points allowed and third in sacks.

2) New England (2-1) up one spot — If the defense keeps struggling the Patriots will need Rob Gronkowski to play 64 of a possible 65 offensive snaps like he did Sunday. Can Gronk last through that?

3) Atlanta (3-0) up two spots — A reporter actually asked head coach Dan Quinn if he liked the 10-second run off rule after the game on Sunday. “YESSS. That’s the easiest question I’ve had all day.”

4) Pittsburgh (2-1) down two spots — The Steelers can check one game off as terrible and hope that’s all it was.

5) Oakland (2-1) down one spot — Same as above… just check it off to bad weekend and mismatch against Washington. They hope.

6) Detroit (2-1) up one spot — How do you bounce back from that ending over the weekend? We’ve seen a lot of teams go through crazy losses at the end but can you recall one that wacky?

7) Tennessee (2-1) NR — Have you looked at the Titans stats for rushing this season? Every player with multiple carries is averaging 4.8 yards or higher per attempt. And that 4.8 mark belongs to QB Marcus Mariota.

8) Minnesota (2-1) second straight week — Possibly the biggest unknown in entire league right now, the Vikings are winning with defense and some really nice offensive weapons. I will admit, it says a ton about offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and QB coach Kevin Stefanski.

Bye Bye: Denver

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