3 & Out w/ Hannibal’s Mark St. Clair

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One question and three answers. Pretty simple, right?

Mark St. Clair by nature keeps a lot of things to himself. He’s a no-bones-about-it guy who will tell you the facts and then let you decide what to take from them. He’s been doing so for 21 years at Hannibal, so I’d say it’s worked out well.

But a lot has happened in those 21 years… including 172 career wins. He’s been impacted by former players passing away and the loss of his wife a few years ago moved the entire tri-state area. But what have been the good times? The times on the field where football has brought strictly joy? I asked the Pirates coach.

Three Moments I’ll Never Forget Involving Football:

2006 Class 4 Quarterfinal at Porter Stadium

The Parkway North overtime period (Hannibal won 42-41). We won in overtime when they missed the extra point try.

2006 Class 4 State Championship

Walking out onto the field at the (Edward Jones) Dome in St. Louis for the state championship game. (Hannibal finished second after falling, 26-0, to Webb City) 

Undefeated Regular Seasons

The wins at Helias in 2000 and at Columbia Battle (42-35) in 2015 to finish the regular season undefeated.

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