Hooch’s Top Ten Signs You’re Dealing With A Fake Twitter Account

August 1, 2014 0 Comments

Every Friday on WGEM SportsCenter I toss out a new Top Ten.

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TOP TEN Signs You’re Dealing With A Fake Twitter Account…

(Courtesy of Deadspin.com)

10) Claims to understand the waiver trade period.

9) Somehow is allowed 141 total characters per tweet!

8) Says the New York Giants had deal in place to send Eli Manning to the Expos.

7) Person’s been dead for six months.

6) #MenBarth

5) Excellent grammar and everything is spelled correctly.

4) Follows over a million, but only has one follower — @iWannaBroc.

3) Have to enter your date of birth to verify over 18 or not.

2) Every tweet has location: “The Green Parrot, Marblehead, Ill.”

1) It’s your name but a picture of 70-year-old black woman.

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