Hooch’s Top Ten Signs You Attended The Wrong World Cup Party

June 27, 2014 0 Comments

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TOP TEN Signs You Attended The Wrong World Cup Party…

Bet your party wasn’t this much fun!!

10) Only serves Fosters and your joke “You call that a knife?” didn’t go over as well as planned.

9) Waiting for someone to cheer on Vladimir Kramnik, the Russian who claimed the Chess World Cup title.

8) Nobody can spell FIFA.

7) Thought Mah Jongg was Korea’s best player, not a weird domino game.

6) They didn’t even know that Germany was running a 4-3-3 and not a 4-5-1. Morons.

5) A significant other was required to enter. Oh… it’s THAT kind of party.

4) Hablas Espanol?

3) Who serves nothing but Brazil nuts for snacks?

2) It was for people who collected cups.

1) Only guys and all have blonde hair with blue eyes.

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