Hooch’s Top Ten Athletes To Follow During The Winter Olympics

February 7, 2014 0 Comments

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TOP TEN Athletes To Follow During The Winter Olympics…

10) Many of the women featured in “Handbags & Handguns” are now being sent over for the biathlon.

9) So Taguchi’s the only guy who’s there just to capitalize on his name sounding like the locale.

8) With a lackluster U.S.A. curling program, Justin, Lance, JC, Joey, and Chris have regrouped to form “Ice Sync” in hopes of bringing home a medal.

Don’t mess with Ironside Hooch!!

7) Lolo Jones. Duh.

6) Just as long as she doesn’t put her tongue on the pole, Candy Cane looks to dominate the adult events.

5) Blayne Gretzky.

4) The Italian bobsledders have a pusher called Jimmy “The Wrench.” He’s never left without a medal. Never.

3) The all-male figure skating duo of Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy. Wait, they are just hoping to get a look at 2018. Stay away from Russia, guys.

2) Ironside Hooch, the downhill skier who can dodge bumps and humps because he can see the slopes from a different point of view. Ironside. His Team. His Town. His Rules.

1) Ever seen a guy tweet AND luge at same time? Then @DeathWishLuger is the man to watch!

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