Celebrity Super Bowl 48 Picks!

January 30, 2014 0 Comments

Nothing beats making predictions. No matter if they are right or wrong, everybody from a guy with a Super Bowl ring to a 3-year old with a rockin’ smile, can make one.

Don’t forget that sometimes people are even right as Central football coach Brad Dixon displayed in the fall by nailing a World Series prediction.

So, Enjoy!

Josh Houchins Broc Hampsmire
Hooch Broc Hampsmire Ben Marth Dylan Austin
WGEM SportsCenter WGEM SportsCenter WGEM Sports Director WGEM Sports Reporter
SCORE 27-23 24-20 27-20 24-16
COMMENT Pearl Jam > Earth, Wind & Fire.
Soundgarden > The Fray.
Alice in Chains > John Denver.
Seattle D > Denver O.
I had Seattle winning it all before the season began, so I see no reason to change now. Because as Peyton Manning won’t say, but I will, Richard Sherman and the Seahawks are mediocre. In a game that’ll be decided on 3rd-downs and cashing in on red zone chances, Peyton Manning will make more plays than Russell Wilson in crucial situations.


Jenny Dreasler
Bill Connell Jack Cornell Brad Dixon Jenny Dreasler
QND Football Coach Oakland Raiders Central Football Coach WGEM News Reporter
SCORE 35-24 28-21 31-24 24-21
COMMENT Peyton Manning throws for over 300 yards to get his second Super Bowl win. Two Words — Marshawn Lynch. Manning will be the difference maker. His ability to call offensive plays at the line will be the difference. I just want Peyton to win.


Evan_Bears brian douglas inman
Jeff Duvendeck Evan Luke Guthrie Brian Inman
C-SC Football Coach 3-Year-Old Cousin Pro Golfer WGEM Meteorologist
SCORE 34-21 6-5 27-23 30-27
COMMENT They play great defense, run the ball well, and have a humble person and great leader in Russell Wilson. Prolly the Chicago Bears because they’re my favorite. Because it’s the year of the horse in the Chinese New Year — John Fox. Because Peyton Manning alone makes $9.1 million more than the entire Seattle secondary and ‘Thunder,’ the Broncos’ mascot, will be at the game.


Kyl Matt Schmidt
Kyleigh Jo Rick Little Kevin Miles Matt Schmidt
2-Year-Old Goddaughter QHS Football Coach Palmyra Football Coach WGEM News Anchor
SCORE 55-35 34-27 24-21 31-17
COMMENT (With help from older sister, Claire) Birds can fly over horses! Neither team wins on Sunday as the weather wins. Game is postponed until Monday and NFL learns its lesson and the Super Bowl is permanently moved to Saturday with Sunday as rain-out date. Because I strongly dislike the ‘donkeys.’ Lol. Peyton will not let the opportunity for a second Super Bowl trophy to cement his status as one of the all-time greats slip through his fingers. The Denver D will also step up to make that happen.


Mark St. Clair Lesley Van Ness Natalie Will Whitney Williams
Hannibal Football Coach WGEM News Anchor WGEM News Anchor WGEM Meteorologist
SCORE 28-17 31-28 36-28 36-30
COMMENT My wife wants Denver to win. It seems this is Peyton’s year. Two words — Peyton Manning. I hear he’s pretty good. That and all my research shows Denver is favored over the Seahawks! 100-0 is actual score! jk!! It’s time for my favorite QB of all-time (John Elway) to get another Super Bowl ring. And Manning deserves another one, too!
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