Hooch’s Top Ten Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas From The WGEM SportsCenter Store

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Every Friday on WGEM SportsCenter I toss out a new Top Ten.

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TOP TEN Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas From The WGEM SportsCenter Store…

A few of the fine Cosby Sweaters.

10) The Hoochinese Dictionary with bonus CD narrated by local legend, Les Sachs.

9) TJ the DJ’s special holiday album for kids.

8) The retired flip phone textline… with charger of course.

7) Membership to Broc’s Cosby Sweater of the Month Club.

6) Hooch’s exercise DVD guide — “How to do squats.”

5) Lifetime supply of WHOLE egg footlongs from Subway. Egg whites are for pansies.

4) “Bravo or What The?” college hoodie.

3) Newcomb Hotel “Smoke in a Bottle” memorabilia.

2) The annual Guys of SC Calendar — “Cuddl Duds & Dickies.”

1) Souvenir glitter along with award-winning audio book An Oral History of The Green Parrot.


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