Hooch’s Top Ten Injuries Suffered By Jay Cutler While On The Sideline This Week

November 15, 2013 0 Comments

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TOP TEN Injuries Suffered By Jay Cutler While On The Sideline This Week…

Cutler will be doing a lot of hugging this weekend.

10) Third- and fourth-degree paper cuts on multiple clipboard-holding fingers.

9) Neck sprain watching the Ravens offense go up and down on his team’s defense.

8) Sprained facemask, which is difficult since he’s in street clothes.

7) Multiple concussions after head-to-wall beatings instead of listening to Kristin Cavallari speak. Wait, that’s every guy with his wife. Never mind.

6) Worst case of “Twitter Thumb” the doc had ever seen.

5) A pulled Urlacher.

4) Strained cornea from breaking down game tape of guest appearance on FXX’s The League.

3) Tweaked his triceps from patting himself on the back from those dynamite guest performances.

2) Bruised ego from playful game of nutball with Peanut Tillman.

1) Pulled other groin performing “Da Discount Daable Check.”

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