Hooch’s Top Ten Reasons Why St. Louis Cardinals Fans Are Better Than You…

October 11, 2013 0 Comments

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TOP TEN Reasons Why St. Louis Cardinals Fans Are Better Than You…

10) Still send care packages to those in need — like Stubby Clapp, Stan Royer, and Bo Hart.

9) They can turn a disease-carrying squirrel into a good luck charm.

8) Was given an embedded “K-Zone” at birth by Father Stan.

7) Didn’t giggle one time for 11 years when hearing the last name “Pujols.”

6) Can compute a pitcher’s ERA in their head.

5) Not only did their ex-manager win two titles, but also saves cats and dogs four legs at a time.

4) Have never had to change mailing address from Grandma’s sweet basement.

3) Their Build-a-Bear is an actual grizzly bear.

2) When counting they always start at six… because six, is a serious number.

1) Their kids have a pony … and it’s a Clydesdale.

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