2013 World Series Predictions

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We all like to make predictions, don’t we? So, I had an NFL player, two local undefeated football coaches, a meteorologist, my two-year-old goddaughter, and my three-year-old cousin.


Josh Houchins Broc Hampsmire Ben Marth Dylan Austin
Hooch Broc Hampsmire Ben Marth Dylan Austin
WGEM SportsCenter WGEM SportsCenter WGEM Sports Director WGEM Sports Reporter
WINNER Cardinals Red Sox Cardinals Red Sox
MVP? Matt Holliday David Ortiz Yadier Molina Jacoby Elsberry
WHY? BoSox stretch it to a Game 7, yet Holliday hits one THROUGH the Green Monster causing mass chaos and the Cards winning. Didn’t expect either of these teams to be here right now, because very rarely do the best teams in the league reach the World Series. I give Boston the edge due to an overall more experienced roster. How the Cardinals’ Michael Wacha performs with both his starts scheduled at Fenway will be a big key. The Cards have a better lineup, a deeper rotation, and bullpen. Plus, toasted ravioli beats clam chowder every night of the week. Red Sox are better at baseball and have home field advantage.


Jack Cornell Dixon_1 Jenny Dreasler
Bill Connell Jack Cornell Brad Dixon Jenny Dreasler
QND Football Oakland Raiders Central Football WGEM Reporter
WINNER Cardinals Cardinals Red Sox Red Sox
MVP? Adam Wainwright Michael Wacha David Ortiz David Ortiz
WHY? Cardinals will fight until the end; they stress team play; it is not about any individual; it’s about the Cardinals. They will find a way. Gotta love the match up, but in the end it’s the Redbirds. I’m a Cubs fan. I hate the Cardinals. It’s just how luck goes. Really want the Cardinals to win, but Oritz will hit crush us with big hits.


Photo: Lovin' the beach! JD Gravina brian douglas inman
Evan JD Gravina Brad Hoyt Brian Inman
Cousin (age 3) WIU Women’s Hoops JWCC Men’s Hoops WGEM Meterologist
WINNER “Cardinalbirds” Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
NUMBER OF GAMES “I think 6” Seven Six Six
MVP? Carlos Beltran, because I like the letters Carlos Beltran Yadier Molina Pujols. Oh, or Allen Craig
WHY? Because I love them. It’s going seven because it’s fixed. And Beltran is a former Royal. Pitching won’t be as dominant, but clutch hitting will win the series. Cardinals have unique ability to win defining moments. Cards have more speed on the base paths due to Boston bearded wind resistance.


Kyl Rick Little
Kyleigh Jo w/ older sister’s help (Claire) Rick Little Chris Martin Greg McVey
Goddaughter (age 2) QHS Football QND/Gems Baseball Culver-Stockton AD
WINNER Cards Cardinals Red Sox Cardinals
NUMBER OF GAMES Five (sister says six, tho) Six Seven Six
MVP? “Adi” (Yadier Molina) Carlos Beltran ¬†Mike Napoli Carlos Beltran
WHY? My daddy loves them. The baseball gods want it to go 6 … for The Man. Pitching wins championships, but when both teams are throwing well, I went with team who will do best with RISP. Plus, that home field advantage thing. I’m a National League guy and despite being a Cincinnati Reds fan, I would like to see the National League Central produce another champion.


Seth Minter Dave Musso
Kevin Miles Seth Minter Dave Musso Josh Rabe
Palmyra Football WIU Women’s Hoops QU Women’s Soccer QU Baseball
WINNER Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
MVP? Yadier Molina Carlos Beltran Matt Holliday David Freese
WHY? The Cards are far more versatile and athletic than Detroit!!! Cards starting pitching and bullpen will be too much for Boston and Yadi will be able to neutralize Boston’s running threat. It will be interesting to see how Ortiz does at first base in St. Louis. Carpenter will get going and Holliday will shut up all the haters with a big series. Wainwright and Wacha led by Molina will pitch dominant performances in Games 1 & 2, which will set the tone for series. Cardinals use that momentum to shut down the Red Sox behind the best fans in baseball at Busch Stadium and accept their 12th World Series Championship Monday, October 28. Cardinals because they have the best collection of young arms since the Atlanta Braves in the 90’s. Probably even better than the Braves, because their stuff is electric, but no control like the Braves had.


Matt Schmidt Natalie Will
Matt Schmidt Sean Taylor Tyler Tomlinson Natalie Will
WGEM Anchor QHS Boys Hoops C-SC Women’s Soccer WGEM Anchor
WINNER Red Sox Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
NUMBER OF GAMES Seven (We want to give our advertisers the most bang for their buck!) Seven Six Six
MVP? Dustin Pedroia Adam Wainwright Yadier Molina Matt Carpenter
WHY? Other than the obvious reasons of it being just plain wrong to root for the Cardinals, the Red Sox seem to have the ability to come up with big hits when needed the most. Sequel to ’67 Series. Yadi takes away the running game. Like Gibson, Wainwright earns MVP. Now that I am out of the TV sports business I can openly root for my favorite teams. So, this is a homer pick. I chose Yadier because no one can restrain the power of the neck tat. Despite my hatred of birds, I have to take the Cards.


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