Hooch’s Top Ten — August 2

August 2, 2013 0 Comments

Every Friday on WGEM SportsCenter I toss out a new Top Ten.

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TOP TEN Ways People Celebrated Gov. Quinn Signing The New Illinois Medical Marijuana Bill…

10) Took another nap.

9) Laid back, turned it to Cartoon Network, and removed the batteries from the remote.

8) Search for the gun at the end of Scarface, because you know weed is a “gateway drug.”

7) Bought stock in Funyuns.

6) Of course people in government looked up how to tax the crap out of it.

5) Dropped to their knees and prayed for Glaucoma.

4) Regret not looking up what Glaucoma was in the dictionary first.

3) Called insurance company to see if it’s covered.

2) Moved from Mom’s couch all the way over to the chair.

1) Get out driver’s license to see if live in Illinois or not.

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