Hooch’s Top Ten — Dec. 14

December 14, 2012 0 Comments

Every Friday on WGEM SportsCenter I toss out a new Top Ten.

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TOP TEN Ways The Quincy Water Problem Has Changed Your Life…

10) Carry test strips on you at all times.

9) The bathroom stinks even before using.

8 ) It stretched out your new skinny jeans in the washer big time.

7) Now have tons of dates since you bath in only AXE Body Spray.

6) Named firstborn child Brita … Water Filter.

5) Forced to drink beer.

4) Forced to drink more beer.

3) Farced dink more drinlto beer. (maybe a few too many beers now)

2) Realized how truly wonderful it is living in Missouri, or a.k.a. “The Better State.”

1) Just like your college days, it burns now when you pee.

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