Hooch’s Top Ten — Nov. 2

November 2, 2012 0 Comments

Every Friday on WGEM SportsCenter I toss out a new Top Ten.

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TOP TEN Ways to Rid Your Kids of Excess Halloween Candy…

10) Melt it down into a delightful soup.

9) Use the Bit-O-Honeys to repair the roof.

8 ) Go back to each house they got it from and ask for a refund.

7) Just get rid of the kids and keep the candy.

6) Use the hard junk to refill the cannon you installed above the moat and next to the tapestries.

5) Feed the chocolate to the neighbor’s cats and see if the old rumors are true.

4) Take it to the dumpster when getting rid of the body.

3) Wait til the neighbor kids get high and sell it to them at crazy prices.

2) Feed the Baby Ruths to the chained beast under the old store near the cave outside of town.

1) Box it up and ship it to those in need — your favorite local radio host!

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