Hooch’s Top Ten for Aug. 31

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Every Friday on WGEM SportsCenter I toss out a new Top Ten.

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TOP TEN Things Overheard in the Parking Lot Prior to the QHS vs. Hannibal Football Game…

10) Seems like an easy vote — “St. Clair in 2012 … a vote for change.”

9) I just put what we saw on Facebook. Want to watch it again and “Like” it?

8 ) Our turf is so much greener than your turf.

7) This game is nothing like when we played back in the day. We had to butcher a pig just to have a ball to use.

6) Let’s stock up on gas while we’re over here.

5) Is that a Pirate Dog in your pocket or… oh, it is. Why do you have a Pirate Dog in the pocket of your pants?

4) Does Ben Marth walk around in HD, too?

3) Yes, I think it is ethically OK to place a wager on this game.

2) There’s no way a pirate could actually beat a blue devil in real life. A blue devil is ten-times more powerful than an even a red devil.

1) [1] You’re in Hannibal, [2] and Hannibal was the birthplace of M*A*S*H character Colonel Potter, [3] who was played by  Harry Morgan, [4] who had a part in “3rd Rock from the Sun,” [5] which starred John Lithgow, [6] who was in “Harry and the Hendersons” with Melinda Dillon, [7] who is in no way related to Matt Dillon who was in Wild Things … WITH KEVIN BACON!!!! (and there’s your six degrees…)

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