Hooch’s Top Ten — Plot Twists in The Dark Knight Rises

July 20, 2012 1 Comment

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Bane and Batman getting a tad closer.

TOP TEN Plot Twists in The Dark Knight Rises

10) Just like every comic book movie, Robert Downey, Jr. shows up in some suit near the end.

9) Wayne Enterprises is actually a front for a sweat shop conglomerate.

8 ) Alfred strays from his disciplined life for one crazy night at The Green Parrot!

7) Batman joins the Jets, Bane the Sharks, and a musical breaks out.

6) Following a drastic kick to the groin, Batman’s voice changes to a high-pitched “I’m Batman” rest of the time.

5) The Batmobile gets pulled over as Batman is caught texting and driving. Tunes not Text, duh.

4) It’s a “Newhart” ending when we learn all three movies has been a dream.

3) Chris O’Donnell’s cameo as Robin really steals the show.

2) Things take an odd turn when Batman says “I can’t quit you, Bane” at a mountain retreat herding sheep.

1) He doesn’t rise.

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  1. Smither says:

    That’s a Brokeback Mountain joke and that’s great.

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