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Take a trip with WGEM SportsCenter host, Josh Houchins, as he recaps the weekend in his own weird way. And make sure to follow him on Twitter.

* I don’t like to start with hockey too many times, but you have to admit that this season’s postseason (yes, it’s only a couple games deep) has been nuts with how physical the teams are playing. This area has been focused on the Blues-Sharks series, which hasn’t disappointed, but the bad blood between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh is awesome. But I am confused on why Sidney Crosby is fighting. The guy just missed A TON of games due to concussion problems!

* Speaking of the Blues, they need a win tonight out in San Jose. If Brian Elliott wants to prove to everybody he’s the man, now is the time to shine. If he pitches a shutout tonight, there’s no way Ken Hitchcock can bring Halak back in there because you ride the hot goalie, no matter which one “appears” to be the No. 1.

* Did Mizzou hoops really just land a decent name as a transfer? That’s not the Mizzou of old. As of right now with Flip, Dixon, Oriakhi, and Bowers, the Tigers are below Kentucky in the SEC and that’s it.

By far the greatest man up front ever!!

* Glad to see The Who’s Keith Moon was asked to perform at this summer’s Olympics closing ceremony. Word is they hoped Sid Vicious would kick off the event.

* Can’t resist this. My All-Dead Band: Zepplin’s John Bonham (drums), Queen’s Freddie Mercury (singer), The Who’s John Entwistle (bass), and Jimi Hendrix (guitar).

* I remember a kid in little league that slid just like Kelly Shoppach did over the weekend. The only difference was my friend slid into second and came up an arm’s length short and was tagged out easily. We still laugh about it.

* I can’t believe the man who’s last name NOBODY could pronounce died over the weekend.

* CONCERNED OR NOT?? Adam Wainwright was hitting 89 and barely 90 mph on the gun Friday while getting shelled by the Cubs. I am a tad, yet understand when it hits 105 degrees in July, his arm should be just fine.

* Looper looks awesomely weird. And no, it’s not the life and times of the great Braden Looper.

* PREDICTION: The duo of Kevin Durrant/Russell Westbrook (dunk at top of post) will win more titles together than LeBron James/Dwyane Wade. My NBA favorite team will always be the 76ers, but Oklahoma City is a blast to follow. With Serge Ibaka (most underrated player in the league) and a ton of solid contributors in James Harden, Nick Collison, and now Derek Fisher, the Thunder will win multiple titles the next five years.

* I’m a sucker for NFL Mock Drafts and here’s a “best fit” scenario one from Pro Football Weekly.

* Alfonso Soriano tagged up from first and advanced to second on a deep flyball to center field in the second inning on Saturday. I had to repeat that three times on Saturday because I’m not sure it’s ever happened. The Cubs will stink this year, but at least it’s nice seeing the veterans hustle. Especially Soriano.

* (Not New, but team) Jersey love galore this weekend. Mizzou released its football (wow) and basketball (like the alternative black) stock. Maryland kept the state pride going with new lacrosse gear.

* And Finally, I visited my older sister, Ashli, this weekend in Columbia for her birthday. She’s the strongest-willed person I know and it’s a privilege to call her my sis!


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