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No. 5 Missouri holds to win 89-88 at No. 3 BaylorTake a trip with WGEM SportsCenter host, Josh Houchins, as he recaps the weekend in his own weird way. And make sure to follow him on Twitter.

* It’s amazing to think that when the rankings come out today that the Missouri Tigers could be ranked No. 2 in the nation. It’s easy to understand why they are because the one loss looks better than Ohio State’s three or UNC’s three. Duh. I’m not 100-percent sure Mizzou is the second-best team in the nation, but you must give them credit for playing so well through the first 19 games.

* Frank Haith as the early leading candidate for Coach of the Year? The Mizzou coach entered the season with an all-conference performer gone for the season and a couple of players seemingly more concerned about getting into a “who can attempt more shots per game” contest than actually trying to win. But Haith calmed the offense down a tad, got English and Denmon to take good shots, and worked with a sophomore point guard (Flip Pressey shown above) to make him the team’s leader and responsible for the ebb and flow of in-game tempo.

* NFL’s GOAT of the Weekend in order of greatness reads as follows: 3) Lee Evans, 2) Billy Cundiff, and 1) Kyle Williams. Even a 49ers teammate gave Williams the stink eye for screwing up!

* The E-Trade baby segment on CBS’s pregame show (It was on FOX’s as well?)  Sunday made me feel uncomfortable. I do not care for those commercials.

* Have you seen the court at the Air Canada Centre where the Raptors play? The end lines on each end has a paint job making you think it’s an illusion. It plays with your mind big time. Here’s the layout while here’s this weekend’s game to see for yourself.

* Pacers mascot (below) … way to go.

* Watching the 49ers reminded me of one of the weirdest-looking players of all-time — Merton Hanks. Remember him? The guy with the really long neck.

* I talked last Monday about Pressey’s impressive game last weekend against Texas. Well, this past week he went for 18 points, five boards, seven assists, and six steals. Forget Haith as coach of the year, Pressey could be there as Player of the Year if the vote was done today.

* Haywire was … blah. The critics love it, while the viewers were so-so on Rotten Tomatoes. I enjoyed the fight scenes, as Gina Carano was stellar. But, the little dialogue mixed with a weak plot that could have been wrapped up in 40 minutes led me to give it a C-.

* I don’t think I have seen better back-to-back interceptions than what I saw in the Patriots-Ravens game by Brandon Spikes and Jimmy Smith.

* And Finally, have I ever said I have huge man crush on Tom Brady? Just sayin… The dude is good and goes home to Gisele. Enough said.


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