Hooch’s Monday Musing (May 23)

May 23, 2011 0 Comments

Take a trip with WGEM SportsCenter host, Josh Houchins, as he recaps the weekend in his own weird way… 

* Good bye, Macho Man. When you grow up loving a professional sport, it’s tough to watch those that made it so much fun for you pass away like what happened Friday morning with Randy Savage. The Macho Man provided two of the “bests” in the sport. He always had the best soundbite. And he was also part of the best match of all-time — Wrestlemania III versus Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

* It seems as if the Miami-Chicago series is playing out kind of like I thought — the Heat winning in six. The Bulls need to do something now to correct a glaring weakness — offense in the fourth. Yes, Taj Gibson provided key buckets in the final quarter in the earlier games, but he’s a guy I hope the team is not relying on for meaningful points. They have been outscored 42-30 in the fourth the past two games after posting a plus-13 in the opener.

* Is there anything more annoying than a gnat in the nostril?

* Here’s an awesome way to waste time at work today — vote on the best jersey from each NBA franchise.

Now that's an ugly jersey.

* Would not want to be Marlon Byrd’s face Sunday morning. Ouch.

* I’m still not a fan of Chris Bosh. He’s a small forward stuck in a power forward’s body and whatever his production is, is mostly a bonus. LeBron and DWade bear all the responsiblity for that team.

* Oh, and if I was Kyle Korver trying to backpedal and guard LeBron driving to the hole I would have just ran to the sideline with my hands up, yelling “I quit! I quit! You win, just leave me alone.”

* Speaking of Korver, I’m not overly sadden by the news that Ashton Kutcher is taking Charlie Sheen’s spot on Two and a Half Men. That show is all about Jon Cryer, anyway.

* Monroe City now known as the pole vault capital of the world? Mike Grinde picked up another state title this weekend. Pretty sure they could convince me I could do it if I visited them for a bit.

* The last time I actually sat down and watched Saturday Night Live on a Saturday night was most likely when Peyton Manning was the host, and I have no clue how many years ago that was. But, on Saturday Justin Timberlake was the host so I decided to tune in. Well, Ace and Gary showed up with a pretty funny clip.

* Al Hrabosky, please stop saying “Mondee” or “Fridee.” I catch myself talking “hick” at times, but using “dee” instead of “day” just sounds silly.

* Picture of Gisele Bundchen in a bikini? Yes, please. Picture of Tom Brady going down a slide looking like a scared girl? Yes, please. All right here.

* STUPID PIECE OF KNOWLEDGE: Did you know that the average horse loses around 25 pounds while running in The Preakness Stakes or Kentucky Derby. That’s just in the race alone.

* And Finally, big props to the coolest guy in the world — 10-month-old Evan Goodwin. The little guy was baptized this weekend and I had the privilege of being there. Also bought him this shirt to wear in the summer. Fitting…


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