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February 1, 2011 1 Comment

By Josh Houchins, WGEM Radio Host

OK, that does not mean I am now wealthier than Steve Forbes. It means I am set to release my own list of “Most Disliked People in Sports.” released their list yesterday, which you can see right here. I agree with a few, yet a majority are just sports figures that haven’t been relevant for a while and need to be erased from the notepad.

I am only going national here, so don’t expect any local bashing. That’s just not my cup of tea.



10) Ron Zook: The sweet-talking coach of the Illini football team has always been touted as a great recruiter. OK, congrats. You can recruit with the best of them. But can you coach a team on the field? It appears at times both aspects of coaching haven’t been near the top of Zook’s resume as of late. He has recruited some top talent to Champaign, but nothing to the point that screams GENIUS! He did make a smart move by changing his entire coaching staff this past season. I will give him some props for that.

9) Mike Martz: Look up the phrase “over-hyped” in the dictionary and I bet his name is used as an example. I don’t

No, I'm not comparing him to Nixon. Stop it.

 place a lot of credence in Martz being the brain behind the “Greatest Show on Turf.” I think Torry Holt, Issac Bruce, Marshall Faulk, Orlando Pace, Adam Timmerman, and Kurt Warner did a majority of the work. Then this year with the Bears it took o-line coach Mike Tice, and the pleading of all involved, to start using Matt Forte. It seems the great Cool Hand Luke line is appropriate with Martz — “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

8 ) Michael Jordan: Why, you ask? Maybe because he ruins everything he touches as of late. Wizards? Kwame Brown. Bobcats? Larry Brown. Maybe it’s just the last name “Brown.” I have never been a fan — maybe I was a tad jealous growing up, I get it — of the guy and nothing he has done since has changed that. Just go play golf and smoke cigars.

7) Antonio Cromartie: The time the Jets conerback couldn’t remember the names of all nine kids on HBO’s Hard Knocks, the dislike grew deeper. Professional athletes try everyday to get away from the stereotype placed on them — rich idiots with tons of bastard children. Cromartie just keeps bringing the rest down a peg.

6) Todd Bertuzzi: What do we have here? How about a vicious cheap-shot artist that signs on with the devil itself, the Detroit Red Wings. I would have had no problem with the winger if he would have stayed north of the border in Vancouver. The guy had one of the best all-around seasons I can remember in 2002-03. Then he upped Tie Domi and went goon on Steve Moore. Pure punk.

5) Bud Selig: How do you fix baseball? Salary cap. It could have been done in baseball under his watch and it wasn’t. I’ll take the All-Star Game change and division expansion meaning better playoffs, but the top team spending over $201 million and the bottom sitting at $38.6 million in 2010 means the sport is falling apart for a reason. And when that happens you blame the guy at the top.


We seem to see Junior looking sad a lot. Hmm...

4) Dale Earnhart, Jr.: Why is he relevant? Why haven’t sponsors dropped him? Why do fans still line the streets and sidewalks when he appears? Not because he’s a winner because he has only done that three times on the Sprint Cup circuit since 2005. But, the funny thing is I don’t think he even knows why people still follow him. In a recent ESPN interview on the 10-year mark of his dad passing away, Junior wasn’t a huge fan of the line of questioning concerning his dad. I actually found it refreshing.

3) Felix Hernandez: One thing about this guy puts him so high on my dislike list — his nickname, “King Felix.” When you have a nickname like “King” or “The Great,” you must have a reference point. There has never been a King Felix in history. Look it up. Nada. None. Zippo. And that’s dumb.

2) Jerry Jones: Owners do not belong on the sideline. Owners do not belong being a general manager. Owners do not belong in the plastic surgeon’s office once a week. I don’t care for phony people and he tops the list of all-time phonies. I wish Mike Moffit would be around to call him one. (If you get that last reference I will be impressed.)

1) Vince Young: Pampered since high school and then got everything he wanted at Texas. Houston considered drafting him No. 1 overall and decided to go with Mario Williams instead. Great choice. Then the guy clearly cannot handle life as an NFL quarterback. Learn how to throw the ball better would be a major addition to your workout load. That would make you a better QB in the NFL.

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