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September 21, 2009 1 Comment

Take a trip with WGEM SportsCenter host Josh Houchins, as he recaps the weekend in his own weird way…

* It’s hard to explain how important that win was for the Bears over Pittsburgh. You hate to say a team’s season could be over after Week 2, but if Chicago would have dropped that game it would have meant more negative talk around Jay Cutler and the defense. And even after a couple of weeks it’s tough to calm that type of storm … especially in Chi-Town.

* The Rams and Chiefs do not know how to win … that simple. Both teams have positive things going on. The Rams went play-for-play with a pretty solid Washington team. Kansas City put up what seemed to be a win against the Raiders. Both teams are not the Lions of last year, but they are close.

* It’s crazy to think but another win and QHS will start to receive votes in the Class 6A football poll. It will be hard to deny an undefeated team.

It's here! It's here!

It's here!! It's here!!

* It’s a great day to be me. Why? Because today, Sept. 21, Pearl Jam releases its ninth studio album, Backspacer (right). What’s that? Did you just ask me to rank all eight PJ albums? OK. Since you asked… 8 ) Binaural, 7) Riot Act, 6) No Code, 5) Pearl Jam, 4) vs., 3) Yield, 2) Vitalogy, and 1) Ten.

* The Nike Pro Combat commercial with Adrian Peterson scares me. He looks like an alien and I really have no clue what Nike’s promoting.

Best. Photo. EVER.

* ESPN needs to stop airing the Tim Tebow feature. They showed it again this past Saturday. We know he is a great leader. We know he gives passionate speeches. I’m not sure if they just needed a filler and used it again or what, but I have seen that feature four times.

* Is Blue Ray really that much better?

* A starting second baseman is hitting .303 with a .363 OBP and scored 81 runs. The shortstop on the same team is hitting .291 with seven 3B and 14 SB. The Cardinals may have something in Skip Schumaker and Brendan Ryan.

* You ask why do I love Pearl Jam so? It’s easy. Every time I hear a song, any song, it reminds me of playing Sega in my basement with my older brother, who passed away years ago. Good stuff.

* I watched Spin City the other day; the old one with Michael J. Fox. His secretary was amazing.

Old man an athlete?

Old man an athlete?

* Oh, and “J” stands for … nothing. (I stole this from Wikipedia) “As he explained in his autobiography, Lucky Man, and in interviews, he needed to come up with a different name. He did not like the sound of ‘Andrew’ or ‘Andy’ Fox. He decided against using his middle initial because he didn’t want to fit into a Canadian stereotype, as in Michael ‘Eh? Fox, and because he did not want teen fan magazines referring to him as ‘Michael, A Fox!’ He decided to adopt a new middle initial and settled on ‘J’, in reference to actor Michael J. Pollard. Sometimes he jokes that the J stands for ‘Jenius’ or ‘Jenuine’.”

* If Mark Martin (left) wins the NASCAR Sprint Cup, the assumption that all drivers are athletes is absurd. They are not if a 50-year-old man wins the biggest prize. He has to eat bran and drink prune juice during each pit stop.

* You have to love the Internet. I listened for free to some random Arizona radio station for the Cardinals-Jaguars game on Sunday instead of paying for the radio call from NFL.com. The Internet has everything a person can want!

* I hope the Tom Brady and the Patriots are not finished because I truly hate it when the Jets are good. They remind me of the Mets. They have always been the annoying little brother of the bigger team in the town. The Giants and Yankees will always get talk — good or bad. But it’s the annoying Mets and Jets that get a ton of love for winning … whenever it actually happens.

* What’s up with all the players having hyphenated names? In the AZ-JAX game alone there were four — Jones-Drew, Sims-Walker, Rodgers-Cromartie, and Stephens-Howling.

* And finally, I know everything is bigger in Texas, but 105,000-plus at an NFL game? You have to admit this cannot be a big surprise. Five stadiums in college football already hold over 100,000 fans: Beaver Stadium, 107,282 (Penn State); Michigan Stadium, 106,201 (Michigan); Ohio Stadium, 102,329 (Ohio State); Neyland Stadium, 102,037 (Tennessee); Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, 100,119 (Texas).


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  1. Kevin says:

    Martin is more of an athlete than anyone at your station, hands down. The man could give old steroid-using Ahnold a run for his money, without the ‘roids…he’s more in shape than 99% of the drivers…and could bench press your whole studio!

    And I can’t even stand the guy!

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