Hooch’s Monday Musing March 23

March 23, 2009 4 Comments

Take a trip with WGEM SportsCenter host Josh Houchins, as he recaps the weekend in his own weird way…

* Mike Anderson is an easy guy to root on. I understand the ending of the Mizzou/Marquette game wasn’t how many hoped it would end, but the couch played it exactly right. He pushed every button (grabbing Kim English, shown at right, to shoot free throws) that would mean his team could win the weekend. Did Quinn Snyder ever do that? No. Did Norm push the right buttons a majority of the time? In the Big Dance it seemed to backfire late in his coaching career. Anderson needs to be in Columbia for a long time.

* My WGEM SportsCenter bracket on ESPN.com says I have 13 of 16 teams remaining. Not too bad. Really needed Michigan to upset Oklahoma and USC to knockoff Michigan State, though. Didn’t get that lucky.

* The commercials during Opening Weekend were awesome. From the ones done by the NCAA to the Vitamin Water (I think?) regarding Christian Laettner and Rick Pitino were great. My favorite has to be the Syracuse factory with nobody named Ray, or even Raymond, working there.

* LESSON OF THE WEEKEND: Never eat Doritos and Funyuns within the same two-hour span. Holy crap … the breath could kill an elephant.

* Here is a list of the guys I have enjoyed watching through two rounds:

  • Marcus Thornton, LSU — Stud nobody has heard of.
  • Ben Woodside, North Dakota State — True, fun-loving player.
  • Sam Young, Pitt — I know he’s a nationwide stud, but he NEVER gets mentioned when speaking of the Panthers.
  • Orlando Mendez-Valdez — I just like the name.
  • Jajuan Johnson — Freak.

* Is anybody else tired of hearing President Obama’s picks updated each and everyday on SportsCenter? I like our new prez, but I don’t want to hear an update. I even liked the initial bracket he did. Just leave it alone unless he picks the overall winner.

* So … Kobe Bryant received chants of “MVP” while playing the Bulls AT THE UNITED CENTER. That has to be the first time “MVP” has been chanted near Chicago since Don O’Brien held the “Andres Nocioni for MVP Parade” on November 30th each year in downtown Galesburg.

* PARADE NOTE: Joey Range was in charge of daycare all day.

* Who is the new monotone guy on SportsCenter? Jonathan Coachman? Wow…

* The WGEM SportsZone Bet Board claimed another victim. WGEM SportsCenter producer Broc Hampsmire (left) has to shave his head (or buzz) as he proclaimed that not a single Big Ten team would make the Sweet 16. Tyler Tomlinson took him up on it and it was a smart bet. I hope Broc doesn’t have an odd shaped head or a weird birthmark in the shape of Whistler’s Mother. (If you get that reference post a comment below)

* I’m addicted to Google Maps.

* What happens in Vegas … not a bad movie. For some reason I like Ashton Kutcher and all his movies. Just Married still cracks me up.

* The biggest pinball wizard? This clip is awesome. 

* And finally, wow, what a high school basketball season. The girls outdid themselves once again. What’s fun about high school basketball is there is always a player that absolutely shocks you. A freshman from Philadelphia, Missouri (heck, maybe she actually lives in Benbow!) comes away from the state tournament with a record of her own. I love warm weather, but I will miss talking winter basketball.


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  1. 4caster says:

    ” Go ahead, threaten me like you have the American people for so long! You’re part of a dying breed, Hapsburg, like people who can name all fifty states! The truth hurts, doesn’t it, Hapsburg? Oh sure, maybe not as much as landing on a bicycle with the seat missing, but it hurts! ”

    Maybe only you and I know what this means!!!

  2. Hooch says:

    Played by the late, great Robert Goulet!!!!

    “Is this some kind of bust?” “Well, it’s very impressive, yes, but we need to ask you a few questions.”

  3. Tyler says:

    Not sure what the two previous comments mean…but. Anytime Broc and I make a bet…chalk it up to me baby. I am the master of manipulating the man-producer!

  4. 4caster says:

    I can’t think of a clue to give that isn’t a complete giveaway, but the only other thing is think of the biggest slapstick movie first made in the 80’s from a similar short lived sitcom. Also one of the actors is now finally a convicted felon (large group, but a clue nonetheless)
    The clock is ticking, name that movie, t-squared.

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