Hooch’s Monday Musing March 16

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Take a trip with WGEM SportsCenter host Josh Houchins, as he recaps the weekend in his own weird way…

* I love how two days out of the year sports fans sit in front of their TVs and watch news and no actual game of any sort. The NFL Draft and Selection Sunday amaze me. That is why the NFL and college basketball may be the most popular sports in the U.S.

* Mizzou (above) deserved a No. 2 seed over Oklahoma. The Tigers beat them. Mizzou won the Big 12 conference tourney. Mizzou had more wins against teams in the Top 25 (two) than Oklahoma (one). If it came down to which of the two deserved a No. 2 spot, the Tigers take the cake.

* Illinois lose without Chester Frazier. Win one game if he’s in.

* My four No. 1s in order from best to worst: UNC, Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Memphis.

* ESPN.com had the “Bubble Watch” going on all weekend. Oddly enough that was what the 30 minutes of bathtub time was called for me as a child. (Come on, admit you laughed at that one!)

* BRACKET BEDLAM STARTS TODAY ON WGEM SPORTSCENTER!!! You could win a Traeger Pellet Grill, retail value $499!

* Who knew Howie Mandel was the voice of Gizmo in Gremlins?

* I will brag a bit that I was never involved in having the mercy rule enforced on my team (sans football, of course) while growing up. But the U.S. team had the mercy rule placed on them in a loss to Puerto Rico in the WBC. Pros getting the mercy rule!

* If you watched any of the Big East Tournament last week you should still be talking about Syracuse PG Jonny Flynn. Not only did he play nearly every minute the entire weekend, but he was one of the best-spoken players from the collegiate ranks I have heard for a long time.

* Late Saturday night after all the basketball viewing had drained my system, I was flipping channels and saw Heaven’s Gate (right) was on. This movie, which is nearly four hours long, is widely known as the worst movie of all time. I had never seen it, so I stayed up way past midnight to take it in. It was way too long, but overall I didn’t mind it. Chris Walken is not a good cowboy, though.

* SCARY THOUGHT: On my very first game of my very first season with the St. Louis Cardinals on MLB 2K9, Skip Schumaker booted a routine groundball. Even the computer knows it may be a long season.

* Speaking of the Cardinals, Mike Shannon went crazy laughing at the bees during Sunday’s game against the Phillies. At one point Mike and John Rooney were discussing how bees seem to always disturb their golf games, with Rooney piping up how bees get in his soda. Shannon’s response: “My soda usually starts with a B and that’s Budweiser.” A belly laugh ensued.

* Jay Cutler to Bears for a 1st and 3rd-round pick. Get it done, Chicago. Throw in Devin Hester while you’re at it.

* This is one of the craziest stories I have ever seen.

* And finally, I watched the two-hour debut of Kings on NBC last night and give it one and a half thumbs up. The initial plot was a tad confusing but overall I may watch the next episode. Ian McShane is starting become one of my favorite actors. Then, if I can find the other half of my thumb I may give it a full endorsement.


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