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August 25, 2008 1 Comment

Take a trip with WGEM Sportscenter host Josh Houchins, as he recaps the weekend in his own weird way…

* Goodbye, Olympics. Oddly enough, the Beijing Games went off without a hitch, which actually surprised me. All we heard leading up to the event was how scared people should be and worried that another Munich (I never want to see that in my lifetime) might be on our doorstep. But the men’s basketball team won gold, Michael Phelps won eight, and Russia’s Margarita Aliychuk won gold in rhythmic gymnastics. All three were givens. Duh.

* Once again, I caught myself wanting to root against the U.S. men’s basketball team. Why? I have no clue. That’s the huge difference between this team, and today’s games, from earlier times. Spain, China, and others showed their country’s pride from the start of pool play to the final basket. The U.S. men showed its team spirit at the end when a gold medal was in the bag.

* Impressed with: Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. Not impressed with: Dwight Howard and Chris Paul.

* It was good to see that the Australian women’s basketball team took clothing advice from Queen’s Freddie Mercury.

* And Australia had a girl named Tully Bevilaqua. Bevilaqua!! See if you can tell me where that last name appears. I’ll give you a clue. "The track coach called my parents … pleading. Telling them it was a sin to waste my God-given talent. But I answered him the same way I answered everyone else. I choose not to run!" (If you know, leave a comment)

* I have to help my grandmother set up a converter box today. I had trouble setting up my own. This is not going to end well. I may just stop watching TV altogether.

* Leo Mazzone (you may know him best as the Atlanta Braves’ rocking pitching coach in the ’90s) is the best color commentator to come around for a long time. "Greg Maddux told me to come out one time because ‘it gets lonely out here.’" He also gave pitching tidbits during the game on Saturday that were stellar.

* Who would eat an egg-white omelet? I do not understand that concept.

* The Jim Lampley Line of the Olympics: "Everyone knows the No. 1 Rule in Taekwondo: No kicking the ref in the head."

* I’m sorry ESPN, but a little too much was made of the Little League World Series. Do kids need to have their mistakes (and highlights, I know) displayed for the entire world to see? Just show the title game and let the rest slide.

* Jean-Claude Van Damme was the original Predator. Who knew? He did the first few scenes, but then fought constantly with Arnold and Jesse the Body, so they canned him and went with the 7-foot-2 Kevin Peter Hall.

* Watched a rerun on E! Saturday morning called the "101 Most Unforgettable SNL Moments." 5) Cowbell, 4) The Phil Hartman Goodbye, 3) Schweaty Balls, 2) Sept. 29 episode following 9/11, and 1) Aerosmith and Tom Hanks visit Wayne’s World.

* And finally, high school football starts this week and I have to admit that I am getting a little giddy. Every team is 0-0. All teams are equals. I remember recalling plays during church the week prior to the first game by drawing nearly the entire playbook on the bulletin. It’s a fun time that I wish I could go back to. Just not the morning after the first game.


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  1. CC says:

    Rooting against USA? Where is the Stars and Stripes pride? I wanted to see the US slaughter every team. Great championship game.

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